The ability to help entrepreneurs and investors manage and control financial risk is one of my core areas of expertise. This value can be added in a number of different ways in a variety of scenarios.

Part-time / Virtual Finance

We can provide your business with top quality financial direction and management for a lower cost than recruiting a permanent full time
Finance Director

Turnaround management
We can take on the pivotal role of hands-on financial management in a crisis or near crisis scenario where there is a need for financial control and discipline to be imposed and maintained - and stay involved with the business for as long as is needed.
Cash flow control
We can get a full grip quickly on your cash flow issues and put in place cast iron controls to manage and accurately predict cash flow in your business.
Budgets and forecasts
We can work with key stakeholders in your business to produce robust, defensible budgets and forecasts that can be readily understood both internally and externally and can be flexed to explore different scenarios.
Due diligence
We can conduct risk-focused financial due diligence, tailored to your specific requirements. You will get top quality work and an honest no holds barred opinion on your acquisition target or investment opportunity. This can be particularly useful on smaller projects where you might think it uneconomical to use a traditional firm of accountants.
Investment monitoring
If you are an equity or debt investor we can devise a scheme for monitoring progress against an agreed strategy and objective and provide you with regular reports on the progress of your investee business.